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Using your real IP address will get you into trouble.

As long as you are online, your ISP will know about your activity.

Download anonymously & secure with a VPN

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Easily block all privacy threats

Internet service providers

Protect your privacy and prevent government surveillance and collection of your information.

Corporations & Enterprises

Businesses can block access to their services and show higher prices based on your location. Use a VPN to avoid restrictions and get better deals.

Hackers & Identity Theft

Use bank-grade encryption to secure your connection and protect your data from criminals.

We believe that your privacy is your right

A VPN does not log your traffic. Your online actions cannot be tracked due to 256-bit encryption.
Since 2015, VPNs have been advocating for internet freedom and helping users protect their privacy.

Control your personal informations

Download without any limits

The VPN offers hundreds of dedicated file sharing servers to ensure safe and smooth downloads. There are no traffic restrictions or speed limits.

Enjoy true anonymity

You deserve privacy. A VPN encrypts your traffic to protect you from prying eyes. A strict "no logs" policy guarantees that only you can see the websites you visit and the files you download.

Download secure on any device

Protect your online activities across 10 devices simultaneously with an easy-to-use app for all platforms.

Hide your IP & location

Your IP address shows your actual location. So if you make them visible, you risk being tracked by your ISP. A VPN hides your location so you feel safe when downloading files.